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At Lottery, we make it easier than ever before to perform a Euromillions check on your chosen numbers! Euro millions is a huge Europe wide lottery with massive cash prizes available. Simply enter your five main numbers (between 1 and 50) and your two lucky stars (between 1 and 11). Then select any date range you require and click submit to see if your numbers have won in any draw! Unlike other online Euro millions checkers, we show matching results from every single Euro Millions draw (affecting the UK), from draw 1 on Friday 13th of February 2004 to draw 854 on Friday 27th of November 2015. With such a fast, flexible and easy way to check Euromillions results, why check your Euromillions results anywhere else?

Please note that on Tuesday 10th May 2011 (draw 379), Euromillions changed. As well as differing prize amounts and the number of lucky stars increasing from 9 to 11, some winning matches changed. For simplicity, our Euromillons results checker checks current winning combinations against all results. For example, now matching two numbers and no lucky stars results in a prize. However, prior to draw 379, it did not. But, if your numbers above match two numbers and no lucky stars on a draw previous to draw 379, the checker will still report this as a "win", even though your Euromillions ticket at the time would not have won a prize.