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Lotto and Lottery Result for Draw 1967 on 29/10/2014

In numerical order, the winning Lottery numbers from draw number 1967 on Wednesday 29th of October 2014 were:

Bonus Ball:

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These lottery numbers were drawn on Wednesday 29th of October 2014. The ball set used to to draw this Lotto result was set of balls 8. The machine used to draw these winning Lottery numbers was Guinevere.

The winning Lotto Raffle codes were AQUA06426995, AQUA27024662, AQUA34635951, AQUA40395217, AQUA57741743, AQUA60114602, AQUA60739611, AQUA62466017, AQUA66105205, AQUA70195739, AQUA95427454, BLUE01480336, BLUE03536485, BLUE14085688, BLUE20425485, BLUE21965941, BLUE22340957, BLUE25746810, BLUE46729514, BLUE46824050, BLUE53607778, BLUE60313619, BLUE83608130, BLUE86198594, GOLD08236041, GOLD14099760, GOLD44834385, GOLD45628324, GOLD45665956, GOLD51431591, GOLD63655666, GOLD63880420, GOLD72078781, GOLD86325158, GOLD93498224, GREY17236561, GREY37609268, GREY51960688, GREY66692016, GREY72804591, GREY80934756, GREY97906050, GREY98740479, GREY99945707, JADE00705278, JADE12059037, JADE20269773, JADE20980850, JADE26166587, JADE56457587, JADE64345908, JADE75093335, LIME00099233, LIME02238489, LIME12653538, LIME18836548, LIME19013004, LIME20964471, LIME32387342, LIME40334237, LIME41897275, LIME55834333, LIME59526905, LIME66520472, LIME74710309, LIME77588399, LIME80598536, NAVY09646820, NAVY28611649, NAVY36652438, NAVY44517683, NAVY49326471, NAVY49999454, NAVY50219191, NAVY52857864, NAVY64193593, NAVY76417245, NAVY76994890, NAVY85729957, NAVY89193914, NAVY91139073, NAVY94598833, PINK16388984, PINK17551007, PINK20312826, PINK33211285, PINK71517470, PINK93410864, PINK97016531, PINK98346870, PLUM12369448, PLUM12877918, PLUM16615591, PLUM18460425, PLUM20915800, PLUM30760497, PLUM42332981, PLUM46226214, PLUM51241381, PLUM79725179, PLUM80064406, PLUM80073338, PLUM83592408, ROSE01799569, ROSE02344412, ROSE08087955, ROSE10462462, ROSE11902794, ROSE19421983, ROSE20396409, ROSE20669636, ROSE23428274, ROSE24528134, ROSE25903255, ROSE27902018, ROSE32545693, ROSE34581056, ROSE41479042, ROSE44178421, ROSE47239349, ROSE48758366, ROSE49357074, ROSE58290416, ROSE74528138, ROSE79986015, ROSE85561487, ROSE86648657, ROSE92119445, ROSE97588506, RUBY03951407, RUBY06100051, RUBY19430480, RUBY32922226, RUBY33249355, RUBY40815527, RUBY43771140, RUBY46025720, RUBY46477520, RUBY71977034, RUBY73460180, RUBY89490681, TEAL06813858, TEAL09469051, TEAL35569152, TEAL40237160, TEAL43378233, TEAL46736227, TEAL72240268, TEAL78609753, TEAL83265512.

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