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Checking your Thunderball results at Lottery could not be easier! Launched in 1999, Thunderball provides the best chance of winning a prize out of all lottery games with a 1 in 14 chance of taking home some cash. Our simple to use Thunderball results checker allows you to check Thunderball results from every draw every made, from draw 1 on Saturday 12th of June 1999 to draw 1834 on Saturday 28th of November 2015. Simply enter your five main numbers above and your Thunderball to check the results. You can select to remember your Thunderball numbers so you don't have to retype next time and even specify a custom date range to show Thunderball results for.

Please note that on Wednesday 12th May 2010 (draw 965), Thunderball changed. As well as differing prize amounts and the number of main balls increasing from 34 to 39, some winning matches changed. For simplicity, our Thunderball results checker checks current winning combinations against all results. For example, now matching the Thunderball only results in a prize. However, prior to draw 965, it did not. But, if your numbers above match the Thunderball only on a draw previous to draw 965, the checker will still report this as a "win", however your Thunderball ticket at the time would not have won a prize.